Honda CRF-250-LA (2018)

Production: 1. 6. 2018 - 9. 11. 2018 | Problems / tags:   

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The circlip at the mainshaft may loosen from its groove which may cause the gear teeth in the transmission to break. This will prevent shifting of the gears, causing the engine to stall or locking of the rear wheel, possibly leading to an accident.

The recall affects Honda CRF-250-LA motorcycles manufactured between 1. 6. 2018 – 9. 11. 2018.

Honda recall code: 3KS

Source: Alert 25/2019 A12/0904/19

More Details

Risk Accident
Product Motorcycle
Production period 1. 6. 2018 - 9. 11. 2018
Type/number of model Type-approval numbers: e13*168/2013*00068*00, e13*168/2013*00368*00; types MD44, NC55
Country of origin Thailand
Alert submitted by Portugal
Products were found and measures were taken also in see the source
Measures taken by economic operators Recall of the product from end users (By: Manufacturer)
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What the owner should do?

If you read about a recall that you think may affect your motorcycle, you should make contact with a Honda dealer or workshop that’s been officially authorised to perform repairs on behalf of the manufacturer.

Manufacturers offer an unlimited time for those repairs, meaning that second or third owners can still get a recalled motorcycle fixed at no charge.

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